You mean the world to US, and THEM!

In the past, we were very limited in where we could take orphaned and injured wildlife. Some people knew about Linda, the wonderful rehabber that held a Master Permit (she has now officially retired). Linda worked tirelessy to help these animals by caring for them and transporting them to where they needed to go if they needed greater care. Until now, if animals needed care and you didn’t know about Linda, you had 2 choices, the 3 hour round trip to Garrison or the 3 hour round trip to Roseville. We are working hard to make a change by not only being a leader in wildlife rehabilitationbut to promote the healthy cohabitation of people and wildlife in Central Minnesota through outreach and education. Thank you so much for helping us grow and for continuing to spread the word so those around you know who we are and what our vision is.

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