Baby Squirrel Pool!

We could be getting oprhaned squirrels any day so we thought we would have fun while raising money! For every donation made to our Paypal or Patreon account you can pick A DATE AND TIME (don’t forget to add AM or PM) that you think we will get our first orphaned squirrel call. This will be for the first oprphaned Eastern Gray, Red, or Fox Squirrel. After you make the donation, drop us a message and let us know the time you have chosen so we can get you on the pool calendar! The person that comes the closest wins!

If you win, you will receive the first ever CMWR mug. Hey, it may be a collectable some day! The mug has pictures of animals that we cared for here at CMWR and it says “I support Central Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation”

So hurry and pick your time, the contest ends as soon as the phone rings…and that could be any second (well usually March-hint hint)!

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