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Wrapping for Wildlife!

Be sure to come out and visit us at Crossroads shopping center in St. Cloud, MN. We will be wrapping gifts to raise money for the upcoming year as well as our future nature center! We are always looking for volunteers if you like to wrap gifts!! We will be just outside of the food court. Stop in and say hello!! Happy holidays!

Avian Influenza Information

Stay Informed to prevent the spread What can I do to help prevent the spread of Avian influenza in our native bird population?First, take down your bird feeders and any area that many birds flock together or share food and water sources. The CDC… Continue Reading “Avian Influenza Information”

Today in Nature!

Maple sap is running!! Sometimes it may run as early as Jan or as late as May, but here in Minnesota the sap usually runs from mid March to mid April. The native maples that can be tapped are Silver, Black, Red, and Sugar Maples. The Sugar and Red Maples produce the best syrup.

Today in Nature!

Wood ducks are migrating in Minnesota

Early March to Mid April

Today in Nature!

Today in Nature! Late February through March

Late February through March

Today in Nature!

barred owl activity in March

February through March

Today in Nature!

Late February to Early March

Today in Nature!

End of February

Today in Nature!

Wolf howling reaches peak in February

February Have a watch of this live cam the International Wolf Center

Ayam Cemani Chicken

This special chicken is native to Indonesia. The albino animals are special due to their lack of melanin, and resulting light visual appearance. In contrast, the Ayam Cemani Chicken is pure black due to a mutant fibromelanistic gene – a gene that deposits excessive… Continue Reading “Ayam Cemani Chicken”